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Mail Call! Bossman Beard Products & Cigras

Mail Call! Bossman Beard Care Products & Cigars

This time I ordered the “Complete Facial Hair Care Kit – Stagecoach Scent – Jelly Beard Oil, Relax Beard Balm, Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner, Mudstache Mustache Wax and Metal Beard and Mustache Comb from Bossman Brands.

I’ve used some of the Bossman products before, just in a different scent, and I wanted to give all of their products a full test and review. You can find the kit I purchased from Amazon below.

Bossman Beard Kit:

I also ordered a bunch of cigars. Including Diesel cigars, both gordo and shorties, 5 Vegas Classic which I have a full review of coming shortly, Rocky Patel Royal Vintage and Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, both of which I will do full reviews on in the near future.

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