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Cigar Review – 5 Vegas (Cinco Vegas) Classic Robusto

5 Vegas Classic Robusto Cigar Review

Hello all, and welcome to another Cigar Review, I am happy to introduce Rachel who’s a member of my local cigar lounge. She kindly agreed to join me today and smoke a 5 Vegas Classic with me.

The Cigar – 5 Vegas Classic (Cinco Vegas)

Size – Robusto (5.0 X 50)
Filler – Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic
Binder – Nicaraguan
Wrapper – Sumatran
Taste – Rich and creamy notes of deep tobacco flavors mingle with hints of toast, coffee, nuts, and gentle spices on the finish. – Cigars International
Rating – “5 Vegas Classic received a healthy ’90’ rating noting: “A solid medium bodied      cigar. It is filled with complex earth flavors, and a pleasant coffee ground taste. It is also very smooth.” – Cigars International

The Smoke

The Cut Rachel used the V or Notch cutter, while I used a standard cutter on my cigar.
The Light We used a torch lighter to toast then light our cigars.
First Third of the Cigar – After the initial light we were getting notes of tobacco / earth, and dark coffee, with some spice on the retro or exhale.
Middle Third of the Cigar – We still had the earth notes, and coffee notes, but on the finish we noticed cocoa mixing with the spice.
Final Third of the Cigar – Still very smooth, with lots of coffee and mild spice.
Construction – The cigar was rolled well, not to tight to make it hard to draw on, nor to loose making for a hot burn. The cigar stayed well formed at the head after our cuts. The cigar didn’t crack or unravel during our smoke.
Burn – The burn was good, we didn’t have to touch up the cigar. We didn’t encounter any tunneling, with very minor canoeing that corrected itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall the cigar was rich and creamy, we tasted earth notes from the tobacco, coffee, and cocoa on the finish. the spice was mostly on the retrohale and it mixed well with the cocoa.

Both Rachel and I would recommend this cigar. Though it is a medium bodied cigar the cigar is still rich and creamy for those that like lighter or more mild cigars. While the spice will attract those that prefer heavier, spicier cigars. This cigar would also make a good first cigar as it isn’t to powerful, but not to mild. People new to cigar smoking can smoke this and decide which way they want to go on the cigar scale. This cigar is also very reasonably priced for such a good cigar. If you haven’t had one yet I would recommend picking up a few and adding them to your humidor.

If you have smoked one of these before please let us know what you thought of it in the comments. Did you like it, what did you taste?

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