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Mail Call! DRESSFAST by Samuel Hubbard

DRESSFAST by Samuel Hubbard Shoes

Today I open my latest purchase from Samuel Hubbard shoes, their new DRESSFAST shoe.

This shoe is a dressier version of their Fast for Him line. It combines the comfort of their Fast for Him shoes with black leather that you can wear with a suit, or even jeans to dress them up.

The DRESSFAST has a hand-lasted construction for a sock-like fit. Full glove-leather lining for a buttery soft feel and a Vibram sole. Samuel Hubbard also uses a lightweight Kevlar shank provides for arch support, triple density memory foam insole, and silky smooth leather. One of my favorite features is that Samuel Hubbard shoes are easily resoled through their resoling program. 

Samuel Hubbard says

This “Dress” addition to our collection of Fast allows you to still move quickly but in fine leather. Hand-lasted construction and softer, more pliable leather, unique to just for this shoe. It’s a shoemaking method that requires the utmost in precision – all the rich, comfy materials that touch your foot are stitched together for a sock-like fit before they’re attached to the sole. We added our dress leather welt to give you a reason to wear Fast to work.

I’m looking forward to trying these shoes out. In my hand they feel nice a light, the inside of the shoe feels soft and butter smooth.

I will come back with a full review of these shoes once I’ve had a chance to wear them and break them in.

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Mail Call! Unboxing: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords

The other day Mrs. Dapper Man suggested I get a new pair of works shoes before I start traveling again. My older black oxfords were looking worn down and unfortunately they were not re-craftable, so I had to start looking for a new pair of shoes.

I went to YouTube, and started poking around videos that talk about men’s oxfords, and shoe shining and I came across a video from The Hanger Project where they rehabilitate a pair of Allen Edmonds brogues. After watching the video I looked for more specifically about Allen Edmonds shoes and soon I decided my next pair would be a pair of black oxfords from Allen Edmonds.

Why did I choose Allen Edmonds? First they are made in America, and have been for almost 100 years. Second, Allen Edmonds offers a re-crafting service that will re-sole and repair their shoes. Third, after watching the old pair of brogues being brought back to life I was sold, well almost. These would be the single most expensive pair of shoes I have ever purchased. My second choice were a pair of Samuel Hubbard Market Cap Oxfords, but in the end I decided to go with the Allen Edmonds.

Going to the Allen Edmonds website¬†and looking around at their various styles I decided on their classic Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords over the Carlyle Plain-Toe Oxfords as they looked a bit more of the “classic” men’s style of oxfords. For those that don’t know Oxfords are going to be the most formal shoe a man can buy, tuxedo shoes are just high shine oxfords. Brogues have embellishments on them that make them just a step below oxfords on the formality scale.

So a few days later my shoes arrived and I was able to unbox them for everyone to see. As these are brand new shoes, and the most expensive pair I have ever owned I contacted Allen Edmond’s customer service department and asked them if anything needed to be done to them before I wear them. The agent said no I can put on some leather conditioner and wax to protect the shoes if I want but that isn’t needed.

I hope you enjoyed my story of purchasing my first pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. I look forward to wearing them and doing a review for everyone to see once I have them broken in.

Thank you for visiting The Dapper Man we hope you have a fantastic day.

Greg from The Dapper Man

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