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Whiskey Review: Stillhouse Mint Chip

The other day Mrs. Dapper Man brought home some Stillhouse Mint Chip whiskey from the store. What caught her eye? I don’t know. It’s could have been the vintage looking tin, or the fact it was mint and chocolate flavored whiskey. Mrs Dapper Man and I enjoy mint and chocolate flavored desserts.┬áBut for whatever reason it caught her eye and she brought it home and suggested that I make a review video for it.

Not convinced it would be any good I put it off, did a few other videos, got busy with work, but finally I decided I should stop procrastinating (something a gentleman strives to never do) and make the video.

Stillhouse Mint Chip.jpg

Stillhouse whiskeys are crafted in Columbia Tennessee, they have six flavors (below).

  • Clear Corn Whiskey
  • Apple Crisp Whiskey
  • Coconut Whiskey
  • Mint Chip
  • Peach Tea Whiskey
  • Red Hot

The Stillhouse website says that “The mighty duo of mint and chocolate are perfectly combined and blended with our smooth, 100% clear corn whiskey for a taste that starts with a hint of mint and then adds a bit of chocolate. Yum.” and that it should be served cold.

So after pouring a dram I gently swirl the whiskey and take a quick sniff and to my surprise the smell of mint doesn’t overpower my nose. A few more sniffs and I take my first sip. It is sweet, not to much mint until after you swallow and the vapor hits your mouth. Again the mint isn’t over powering, and the chocolate creeps up on you.

I really do enjoy this whiskey. I will continue to drink it, I haven’t tried it cold yet but I will soon. My guess is that this would be great in a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or mixed with ice cream to make a milk shake.

Well I hope you enjoyed this review. I suggest you pick up some Stillhouse Mint Chip whiskey if you like mint chocolate chip flavored anything and thank you for visiting The Dapper Man we hope you have a fantastic day.

Greg from The Dapper Man


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