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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 38 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 38 Review

Hello All and welcome to Greg’s Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 38 Review. Greg will be be giving an update on his year long beard, welcoming new followers and subscribers, answering subscriber questions, responding to subscriber feedback, and giving an update on what is next for The Dapper Man.

Weekly Beard Update

The beard has been well behaved this week. I’ve been co-washing it every couple days to help keep it soft and in control. I’m done testing the Bossman Beard Products and will be finishing up my review of them soon, so stay tuned. I’ve started thinking about what I want to do with my beard after my year is up. So far I’m thinking about shaping my beard, cleaning up the sides, the neck, and cheeks. I’m not sure if I want a rounded beard or a pointed beard. I still have time to figure it out. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Bossman Beard Jelly –
Bossman Beard Balm –
Bossman Beard Conditioner –
Bossman Mustache Mud –

Welcome new followers and Subscribers

Welcome Traveler Mike to the Dapper Man family. We hope you find the information interesting and please feel free to ask questions or suggest ideas for videos.

Comments and Questions

hysm44 – Thanks for the video. I just bought my first pair of Park Avenues. I love them!
TDM – I’m glad you liked the video and so far I’m loving my Park Avenues from Allen Edmonds as well.

Chris G – Yes!!! Waiting for the cigar reviews.
TDM– You won’t have to wait long. I have one posting this week, and two more in June.

Chris G – Also check out the Oscar mudoros if you haven’t yet . they are a great stick really get great after the first third lots of coco and Earth flavors and very thick chewy smoke
TDM– I will have to check them out.

Chris G – Stagecoach is my personal favorite scent from bossman. You had some fun at your brick and mortar can’t wait for the review on the Rock Patel Vintage 90.
TDM – I like the Stagecoach sent from Bossman. I’m almost done with my review of their products. I hope you like it.

Chris M – What do I use for humidification at home for my cigars?
TDM– Chris, I have a humidor at home. Truth be told, it’s full of pipe tobacco. All of my sticks are at the lounge in my locker.

Coming Soon

The 5 Vegas Classic Cigar Review will be available later this week. I’ve also done two more cigar reviews. First is the Perdomo Craft  Series Amber, the second is the My Father Flor de Las Antilles. These will be posted in mid to late June.

I have wrapped up my testing of the Bossman Beard Products and am finishing up the review now. Expect to see it in a couple weeks.

Lastly, my recently purchased pair of used Allen Edmonds from Ebay have been received and accepted into the Allen Edmonds re-crafting service. I should have them back in 2-4 weeks. At which point I will be able to do a video on all three pairs of my Allen Edmonds, my Firsts, Seconds, and the Ebay Re-Crafted.

In Closing

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Please feel free to comment on our post. What do you like, what can we improve on, and what would you like us to do a post talking about?

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