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Perdomo Craft Series Amber Review

Welcome to another cigar review with The Dapper  Man. Today we smoke a Perdomo Craft Series Amber cigar and pair them with a Guinness Blonde Lager, and a Dragon’s Milk.

The Cigar – Perdomo Craft Series Amber

Filler – Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fill
Binder – Nicaraguan
Wrapper – Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper

The Perdomo Craft Series Amber is medium to full-bodied with flavors of leather, spice, and oak that will mingle well with hop forward style beers such as ambers, pale ales, lagers, Oktoberfests, and IPAs. – Cigars International

First Third

Notes of cocoa, some spice (lots of spice on the retrohale), little bit of leather on the exhale.. Very fine white ash. Very good burn.

Middle Third

Notes of sweet cocoa and some coffee on the finish. Had to touch up the burn a little bit, some minor cracking from when we took the wrappers off.

Final Third

Burn corrected itself. Lots of spice on the retrohale, plenty of leather, lots of cocoa and coffee on the finish.

Final Thoughts

Great cigar, burned well. Taste was great, very smooth (unless you retrohale and burn your sinuses). Great price, would recommend for those that like medium to medium full cigars.

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