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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 39 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 39 Review Weekly Beard Update Not much has changed for the beard, the moustache on the other hand is being annoying. It keeps getting in the way when I eat. I’ve been using the Wild Willies Mustache Wax. I really do like it. I keep it in my pocket […]
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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 10 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) Week 10 Review Weekly Beard Update Mrs. Dapper Man’s description of the week is “grizzly”. The beard this week has felt a bit unruly and all over the place. The sides and neck are a bit longer than the chin. I’m hoping that everything will even out soon. Can’t see a […]
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Good bye morning shave

I have been growing my Year Long Beard for about three and a half weeks now. It’s finally time to pack up my morning shaving equipment as I won’t be needing it for the next forty nine weeks or so. Years ago while in college I had a beard, it didn’t look bad, but it […]
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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Beard Reset

This is the excerpt for your very first post.