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How to be a Gentleman: Cell Phone Etiquette

Is there any other modern day device that is so intertwined in our lives as our cell phones? These devices allow us to access the sum of all human knowledge yet we use them to take selfies, watch cat videos, and not talk to the people around us. Intentionally or not cell phones have made us inconsiderate to the people around us.

So what are some guidelines for a gentleman and his cell phone.

Turn off the sound.

No one want’s to hear what ever you have chosen for your ringtone. These beeps, buzzes, and songs interrupt conversations, meetings, movies, and dinners. We have been trained to check our phones when they beep at us.

Also, don’t use speaker phone in public. It’s disruptive to those around you. Strangers generally don’t want to hear what ever it is you are talking about. Especially if it is personal, private, or confidential.

User your phone When and Where appropriate.  

This one should be easy. Don’t use your phone in the bathroom, at meals, in meetings, or in theaters. Don’t use your phone when someone is waiting on you to give an order or pay for something. Don’t use your phone in meetings. The idea is to not use your phone in settings where you disturb, disrupt, or delay people around you.

Don’t discuss personal, private, or confidential information in public

Remember when you are on your cell phone that you may be in a public spot. If that is the case be careful what you talk about. Personal or private information as well has confidential business conversations are best not done in public areas. If you have to take the call in a public area, remember to find a quiet, out of the way area to talk, and remember people may be able to hear what you are saying.

These are just three simple rules to guide you in your cell phone use. I hope they make sense. Did I miss anything, what else do you consider to be important about being a gentleman and cell phone usage? Feel free to leave a comment below, or you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest as TheDapperManUS, or on YouTube as The Dapper Man.

Greg from The Dapper Man


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