About Us

Our ultimate goal at The Dapper Man is to make money, just like any company. But as a company, we believe that we can make money and be socially responsible and act ethically at the same time.

How do we do this?

First, we only use ingredients that are sustainable and 100% natural. This gives us the highest quality ingredients for our products. This also means that we are creating a future that our children can be proud of.

Second, we do not use child or sweatshop labor. Every person on this planet deserves to make a living wage, in a safe work environment. We do not believe in cutting corners just to add to the bottom line.

Third, we do not test on animals. All of our products are tested by humans on humans. We “eat our own dog food” as the old saying goes. We are the first to try our products before we ask for volunteers to test our products.

The Dapper Man is a small brand with big ideals. But we believe that a company can be successful if it takes care of its people, the planet, and its customers. If you have any questions for The Dapper Man please feel free to reach out to us via E-mail at TheDapperManUS@GMail.com.

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