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XikeZAN Beard Kit Review

I bought the XikeZAN Beard Kit from Amazon and after using the products for a week while traveling I am impressed with the kit. The kit was about twenty dollars and you get  beard oil, balm, a comb, brush, trimming scissors and a bag to keep everything in.

Beard Oil

First thing I noticed was that there is no scent for the beard oil. This is good if you work in an area that doesn’t allow perfumes, colognes or other strong scents. The second thing I noticed was that the oil was clear. This is good if you have a lighter colored beard and are worried about the products you use discoloring your beard. Finally the oil itself is nice and thick. It goes on easily with a wet beard and coats your beard well. This oil helps keep your beard soft and it will nourish your skin.

Beard Balm

Initial Thoughts: The balm is very lightly scented. It smells extremely faintly of honey dew or other melons. Like the beard oil the balm is nearly clear, so it won’t discolor your beard.

If I have a criticism it is that this balm does not provide any hold. If you have a big beard, style your beard, or if you have a fuzzy beard you will need another wax or something that provides hold

Beard Comb

The comb is small, but I consider that a good thing because I can keep it in my desk, travel bag, or car so I always have a beard comb handy if I forget my main comb. The teeth are nicely spaced so the comb will not get stuck in your beard and pull out hair unnecessarily.

Quick Tip: You can impart your favorite scent to your comb by putting it in a ziplock bag and put your favorite tobacco, cologne, or scent in the bag with the comb and let it sit for a few weeks.

Beard Brush

Initial Thoughts: I love this brush, this is now my travel brush. Like the comb the size allows you to keep it in a bag, desk, car. The bristles are stiff enough to provide good styling but not stiff enough to hurt.


I did not use the scissors as I am growing a Yeard (year long beard). The scissors had a nice weight to them and the action seems to be good.

Final Verdict

I would recommend this kit for men who are just starting their beards, or people looking for a gift for a bearded friend / neighbor / significant other.

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