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Good bye morning shave

I have been growing my Year Long Beard for about three and a half weeks now. It’s finally time to pack up my morning shaving equipment as I won’t be needing it for the next forty nine weeks or so.

Years ago while in college I had a beard, it didn’t look bad, but it didn’t look great either so I shaved it off. For years I used the new fancy five bladed razors but I hated having to spend $25 on a four pack of cartridges and one day while looking at videos on YouTube I came across a video talking about wet shaving.

Wet shaving is the term used for shaving with either a safety razor or straight razor. I was intrigued not only because of my love for everything vintage (records, cars, pipes) but because you can buy really good blades for less than half a dollar, and the start up costs aren’t astronomical. For what you pay for two months of fancy cartridges you can buy yourself a nice badger hair brush, a safety razor, blades, and amazing shaving cream. You may even be able to get a stand and bowl to whip up a lather in for just a few dollars more. Once past the initial costs the only additional costs are for blades and shaving cream when you run out, or if you’re like me because you see something new and shiny and you want it.

For me the best part about the morning shave is the ritual of shaving. You wake up in the morning and start your day off with a hot shower, then you move to the sink to shave. Your stubble is nice and soft from the shower  and you put on some pre-shave oil. While it isn’t strictly necessity it provides for a smoother shave with less irritation. Then there’s something about opening that jar of shaving cream, taking your badger hair brush and making a nice warm lather before spreading it across your face and getting a much better shave for much less.

For me when you wet shave you connect with the past, with your grandfather and father who’ve been shaving the same way for decades. Nothing beats that feeling.

Below are links to all of the products I talk about in my video, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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