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A Gentleman is Clean & Tidy

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A gentleman is clean and tidy. This does not mean the gentleman is afraid of getting his hands dirty, quite the opposite a gentleman will tackle any job or task to the best of his abilities. So, what does I mean when I say a gentleman will be clean and tidy?

First a gentleman would not wear wrinkled, torn, faded, stained, or miss matched clothes out in public. These clothes are appropriate for working around the house, in the yard, or on the vehicle, but not to wear in public. You don’t have to buy bespoke clothing to be a gentleman, but you do need to make sure the clothes you wear are well made and fit well and are well made.

A gentleman will keep his hair, beard (if he has one) skin and nails neat, and his skin soft. If you have never had one I highly recommend getting a manicure and pedicure once a month. Not only will this help keep you hand and feet clean, but your nails will be filed down, and skin soft. Plus the massage that comes with the treatments.

A gentleman doesn’t let his hair get to long without a haircut. Depending on how fast your hair grows and the style you like (personally I like the old fashioned regular haircut with a side part. It is my favorite vintage barbershop look. This is also true for his beard. A man’s beard should be well groomed with beard oils, and beard balms.

Greg from The Dapper Man

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