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Mail Call! XikeZAN Beard Care & Grooming Kit

It’s time for another Mail Call. This time I’m opening the XikeZAN Beard Care & Grooming Kit.



Why I chose it

This looks like a good starter kit for those who are just starting out their bearded journey, or for people looking for a gift for the bearded ones in their life.

What comes with it

This kit comes with beard oil to hydrate your skin and beard, beard balm to help lock in the moisture in your beard, a beard comb and brush for styling, scissors for trimming fly away hairs, and a bag to keep everything together.

XikeZAN Beard Care & Grooming Kit.
XikeZAN Beard Care & Grooming Kit.

First Impressions

The packaging is really nice, the box is matt black with the XikeZAN Logo. When you slide the box open the items are presented very well, everything is neat and orderly.

The beard oil and balm are nearly clear. This is great for people with lighter colored beards that don’t want to have their beards colored by products. The oil has no scent and the balm has the slightest scent of honey dew.

The comb while small has widely spaced teeth so you don’t tug on your beard, and the brush bristles are stiff but not to stiff to hurt.

The scissors seem to be sturdy, they are well weighted in the hand.

The bag is burlap sack, it is okay for keeping your kit together but I would think you would just use your dopp kit.

Final Thoughts

A full review is coming soon. Once it is posted I will have a link below for it. But for twenty dollars this is a good starter kit or gift for a bearded guy in your life. You can use the link below to purchase the kit from Amazon.


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You can see out full review of the XikeZAN Beard Care & Grooming Kit here.

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