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Whisky Tastings: Screwball Peanut Butter Whisky

Screwball Peanut Butter Whisky

Screwball Peanut Butter whisky was created by Steven and Brittany Yeng at his bar. Looking for a signature drink Steven combined peanut butter and whisky, and Brittany turned into a brand.

When he first combined his favorite classics—peanut butter and whiskey to create the most delicious shot, many snubbed their nose at this idea. But, it didn’t take long before it became their signature shot. He teamed up with his wife to create Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey—and to their surprise, ended up creating something even better than the original shot. Of course, the team wouldn’t be complete without the rest of the band of Skrewballs joining them to share Skrewball with the world. So, join us. Grab a glass and release your inner black sheep.

The Bottle

The white label with a black sheep stands out, it is simple but distinguished. The tag line of “To the misfits, black sheep, and screwballs” sums up the whiskey. This is not your dad’s whisky that he would sip after a long day of work. There is no age statement on the bottle, and it comes in at 70 proof (35% alcohol by volume. The color is deep and rich caramel, and on the nose, it was exactly as you expected smelling of peanut butter.

Tasting the whisky – Straight (Neat)

This whisky is very sweet, I liken it to a sweet southern tea. I was surprised the peanut butter didn’t come out stronger with a short but smooth finish.

Tasting the whisky – With Water

I added a bit more water than I would normally put into a whisky, but in doing so it cut the sweetness and allowed the peanut butter to take hold. This also shortened the finish and allowed more peanut butter on the finish.

Tasting the whisky – With Ice (On the Rocks)

This is my favorite way to drink this whisky without putting it into a cocktail. The ice muted the sweetness even more than with just water and really allowed the taste of peanut butter to become dominant.

Final Thoughts

This is not a whisky that I would drink every day, I enjoy Screwball in a cocktail. Mrs. Dapper Man ordered a chocolate and peanut butter cocktail and the dark chocolate helped balance the sweetness and it tasted like a peanut butter cup. But on it’s own it’s very sweet, and the best way to drink it on it’s own is with ice so that the sweetness is muted and the peanut butter comes to the front.

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