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Cigar Review: Camacho Triple Maduro

Like most cigar smokers I get lots of emails from various cigar retailers on the internet. One of them had a sale recently on the Camacho Triple Maduro, with the caption of “The Worlds Only Triple Maduro Cigar”. Well I don’t know if that’s true or not but I’ve had the CAO MX2 which is a double maduro and I loved it so I went to Rem’s Place, my local tobacconist here in Grand Junction, CO, and there they were. So, I decided to light it one up and see what’s what.

About the Cigar

Name:  Camacho Triple Maduro 11/18
Wrapper: Mexican – Corojo Maduro
Binder:  Honduran – San Andres
Filler:  Honduran, Dominican Republic, Brazilian
Ratings:  Cigar Aficionado 89, Cigar Aficionado #2 Cigar of the Year 2018.  
Profile: Medium-Full


  • Figurado – 4 x 42
  • Robusto – 5 x 50
  • 11/18 – 6 x 54
  • Gordo – 6 x 60



What does Camacho say about the cigar?

The Camacho Triple Maduro is one of the world’s greatest innovations in cigar making. The world’s only all Maduro cigar, no other Maduro in existence can deliver the unique flavor impact that ours can. That is why it took us over eighty-four tries to get the perfect recipe. The infamous black leaf through and through, dark, rich, full on flavor. The Camacho Triple Maduro is our big, bold smoke.

What do I say about the cigar?

Before the light: This is an intimidating cigar, a triple maduro. The wrapper is nearly as dark as the black and silver band. The wrapper was a soft dull dark chocolate, it felt almost prickly in the hand. The shape was different, almost a double perfecto but not quite, slightly larger in the middle and tapering to normal sizes on the ends. I used my “Perfect Cutter” and the draw as nice, the cigar wasn’t packed to tightly, or too loose, and the dry draw it tastes like dried dark fruit, it reminded me of a fig newton.

Initial Light: Smooth on the initial light. Got the expected heat from the torch, with a spicy wood, like cedar instead of a pepper.

First Third: Once I moved passed the initial light, the heat pretty much disappeared and the flavors expanded. I still got the spicy wood cedary type taste, with leather and a very light floral undertone. The burn was good, I had no issues to touch up, and the ash was solid, and light gray.

Second Third: The second third of the cigar started off with less spicy wood and more leather and dark chocolate. As I continued the second third, the wood came back without the spice. Still no burn issues.

Final Third: The final third narrows like the first third and the heat and spicy wood comes back. But if you slow down and don’t overheat the cigar you get less would and an abundance of floral notes. Still no burn issues

 Final Thoughts:   The cigar burned very well, no mouse holes, canoeing, tunneling, or unevenness in the burn. I mostly got spicy wood like a cedar, leather, and floral undertones. Periodically I got dark chocolate. It’s important to smoke this cigar slowly. If you smoke to to quickly you heat up the cigar and you will only get the wood taste. Smoke a bit slower and you will get more flavor.

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