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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 8 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) Week 8 Review

Weekly Beard Update

Mrs. Dapper Man’s descriptor of the week is “Bushy”.

After eight weeks of not shaving at all and growing a beard I agree my beard is bushy. It is filling in well, but not quite long enough to weigh enough to stay straight. My beard continues to darken and the red is harder to see. The lighter patches on my cheeks are mostly gone and strangely the hair on my neck is longer than the hair on my chin.

My mustache is filling out and getting some length, my hope is that in a month or so I will be able to start sweeping it sideways and begin to handlebar it. I still have a sparse patch right between my nostrils.

That’s it for my week 8 review of my beard, thank you for visiting The Dapper Man we hope you have a fantastic day.

Greg from The Dapper Man


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