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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 35 Review

Hello All and welcome to Greg’s Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 35 Review.

Week 35 Review
The beard is looking good after 35 weeks. That’s right it has been 35 weeks since my last shave and this 100% all natural beard is growing and flowing. It has filled out well, and the sides are a bit more manageable now that they are longer.

What will happen after my year is up? At this point I’m thinking I will trim the beard a bit to bring the sides in and shape it a bit to come to a point. I may change my mind between ow and the end of August so who knows what I’ll end up with.

Week 35

Coming Soon
I have filmed and will be posting a review of the XikeZAN Beard Kit I bought on Amazon a few weeks ago and I’ve started using some Bossman Beard products and will be making a video about them in the near future.

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Questions and Comments: 
Chris – What do I do that requires me to travel? I am an IT Consultant my company sends me all over the US from Seattle to New York, to Atlanta, to LA and everywhere in between. We specialize in Microsoft products, and currently I’m traveling to Hartford, Connecticut.

I’m a Sasquatch – Does the Honest Amish beard and body slick help grow your beard? It helps in the way that having healthy hydrated skin helps grow your beard. It helps in the way that having good strong hair helps grow your beard. But no there is no growth ingredients in the Honest Amish beard products.

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