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Year Long Beard (YEARD) – Week 37 Review

Weekly Beard Update

Not much has changed in the last week. I’ve continued to test out the Bossman Beard Jelly, Balm / Wax, and Mustache Mud. I like using the mud on the sides of my beard to control the curly bits that like to stick out.

Welcome to the family

Welcome Paula and Chris to The Dapper Man family. We hope you find the information interesting and please feel free to ask questions or suggest ideas for videos.

Comments and Questions

Coming Soon

I have finished editing the 5 Vegas, aka Cinco Vegas, Classic Cigar Review. It will be available to watch here in the next couple weeks.

I will continue testing the Bossman Beard products for one more week and then do a full review.

Lastly, I have sent my Allen Edmonds that I purchased off of EBay to Allen Edmonds for refurbishment. They will get the full treatment which includes new heels, soles, quark inlay, welting, laces, and refinishing and polishing of the uppers.

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