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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 39 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 39 Review

Weekly Beard Update

Not much has changed for the beard, the moustache on the other hand is being annoying. It keeps getting in the way when I eat. I’ve been using the Wild Willies Mustache Wax. I really do like it. I keep it in my pocket and use it like chapstick. Just before I eat I apply it to my stache and comb it in. This keeps my mustache in place while I eat. If you have problems with styling your mustache, or it’s always in the way I highly recommend this wax. You can find it on Amazon with by following this link.

Wild Willies Premium Mustache Wax

I’m trying to decide what to do with my beard after my 52 weeks are up. Should I shave it off, clean up the lines and trim it or just shape it, if I shape it do I do round, or pointed.

My current thinking is to clean up the lines on my cheeks and jaw. Trim my mustache, and shape my beard so that it comes to a point.

What do you think would look good?

New Followers & Subscribers

I am saddened to say we do not have any new subscribers to welcome this week. It’s okay, this happens from time to time. I ask that everyone reach out to friends, and family that they believe would like The Dapper Man and spread the word. Because once we hit 100 subscribers I will be doing a give away.

I’ll have more information on the give away once we get closer to our goal of 100 subscribers. Currently we are at 72, so we have some work to do, so get out there and help get us to 100.

Comments & Questions

From Chris G on my 5 Vegas Cigar Review – Chris asked who the young lady with me was. Her name is Rachel and she is a member of my lounge. She kindly agreed to be in my video.

Coming Soon

Some bit things are coming to The Dapper Man.

First, I have everything I need to create my first beard oil, balm, and wax. I have one scent right now, and I will be doing 3 more, and an unscented variant. I will be making my first batch this week, and I’ll give you an update in the next weekly beard review video.

Second, I am going to be filming my Bossman Beard Product review shortly. I’ve been using the products for three weeks, and I’m ready to give my review. So stay tuned.

Last but not least, my used Allen Edmonds are still at Allen Edmonds. If you remember I bought a used pair of shoes off of Ebay and sent them in to be re-crafted. That means they get new soles, new heels, new cork, new welting, new laces, and re-finishing. I’m hoping to get them back in the next week or two so that I can do a before and after comparison, and decide what’s the best way to get a pair of Allen Edmonds for the best price.

In Closing

The Dapper Man wishes you a fantastic day wherever you are, and make sure you subscribe so you can get weekly updates on Greg’s Year Long Beard Journey.

Please feel free to comment on our post. What do you like, what can we improve on, and what would you like us to do a post talking about?

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