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Year Long Beard (Yeard) Week 41 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) Week 41 Review

Weekly Beard Update

This week I went to visit family in New Mexico and they couldn’t believe how big my beard was. It’s down to the second button on my shirts, and it is as wavy as every. In bright light you can still see some of the red in my beard, and the gray gives it character.

As usual my mustache was its problematic self, but the mustache wax really helps. Though I did lose a a Kent Comb this week, so that stings a bit. If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a hand made Kent comb I highly suggest you try them out. I’ll put a link below.

Kent Combs are hand made in Kent England. They are a great comb because unlike cheap plastic combs the teeth aren’t jagged and are spaced widely enough to pass smoothly through your hair. The comb below is the one I keep on me and use all the time.

I am an Amazon Associate and I may earn commision from your purchase.

New Followers & Subscribers

I want to welcome Brent, Clayton and Blane to The Dapper Man. We hope you find our content useful.

As I’ve said in previous posts and videos. Once we hit 100 Subscribers on YouTube I will do a give away. We are almost there, we currently have 76 subscribers. So tell all your bearded friends and family about my channel, Tell them to subsribe and then we can do our giveaway.

Comments & Questions

MakeMyDay44Mag – I’m glad you liked my Perdomo Craft Series Amber cigar review. I had a great time smoking the cigar and it pairs very well with a Guinness Blonde.

Okie Piper Jon – I’m definitely going to trim my mustache, but yes until I can decide on what I want to do I’ll just let it grow.

Coming Soon

Some big things are coming to The Dapper Man.

My reviews of The Gentlemen’s Box, and the Bossman Beard products are done, and scheduled to be posted for your viewing.

I have received my Allen Edmonds that I sent in for Re-Crafting. I will being doing a side-by-side comparison of my AEs.

Dapper Man Beard Products are here. We now have our very own brand of beard products. They are 100 natural, vegan friendly and handmade. They will be up on our website for sale soon.

In Closing

The Dapper Man wishes you a fantastic day where ever you are, and make sure you subscribe so you can get weekly updates on Greg’s Year Long Beard Journey.

Please feel free to comment on our post. What do you like, what can we improve on, and what would you like us to do a post talking about?

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