How do I grow a beard?

Welcome to The Dapper Man. You’re here because you want to know how to grow a beard. The good news is that growing a beard is one of the easiest things a man can do. The bad news is that growing a beard can also be one of the most frustrating things a man can do.

Keep reading to find out what I mean.

Just stop shaving. It’s that simple

Growing a beard is easy. Just stop shaving, it’s that simple. The fact is that men have been growing beards for thousands of years. It’s something that just happens whether we want it to or not once we hit puberty. At some point in our lives we start shaving, once that happens we have a choice. Do I continue to shave or do I grow a beard.

I stopped shaving now what?

Since you are still reading this I’m going to assume that you are growing a beard, have decided to grow a beard, or are at least thinking about growing a beard and you want to know more.

Well once you decide to stop shaving and grow a beard there are some things you need to know before we continue.

  1. Some people can’t grow beards. I’m sorry it’s true. Some people just can’t grow a beard. This is usually because of genetics. How do you know if this is you? Well if you only have to shave once every couple weeks or more to prevent a five o’clock shadow then you probably won’t be able to sport a big bushy beard.
  2. It is a myth that shaving makes your beard grow faster, or thicker, or anything else you’ve been told.  There is no “Miracle Grow” for your beard. Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine is supposed to promote hair growth with people suffering from alopecia, but I would ask your doctor about using it before you try it as it is also a blood pressure medication. What you can do to make the best out of the beard you have is use products like beard oils and balms to promote healthy skin and hair.
  3. You don’t need any of the products I’m selling to grow a beard. What? Yes that’s right. Men have been growing beards for thousands of years. We didn’t always have beard oils, and  balms, washes, and conditioners. But here’s the catch. While you don’t need this stuff to grow a beard, it helps. It helps keep your beard soft so your sweetie won’t mind your beard on her skin. Our products help prevent your beard from causing you to itch, and from beardruff (dandruff of the beard). Our products help you get the most of of your beard.
  4. Growing a beard takes patience. Unless you’re gifted in the facial hair growing department you won’t go from a clean shave baby face to lumberjack over night, or even within a month. Facial hair grows at about half an inch (1/2 inch) a month. So in six months you might have a three inch beard. In fact once you stop shaving I wouldn’t even touch a razor or set of clippers for at least three months. It’s only after 3 months that you get a sense of what your beard MIGHT look like. Give it another three months to fill out. So growing a beard takes at least six months to get the full effect.

Well now that you know more about how to grow a beard read more on our article about beard maintenance. In it you will learn how to take care of your beard with out beard oils, balms, washes, and conditioners.