How to take care of a beard

So in our previous article “How to Grow a Beard” we gave you some tips on how to grow your beard. Now that you have a beard, or at least started to grow one, you have questions on how to maintain your beard. The good news is that you’re in the right spot. Here at The Dapper Man we don’t care if you have stubble, a vandyke, or you have a full on gandalf we want to help you take care of that face rug so read on.

Wash your beard

Just like the rest of your body your beard gets dirty. How dirty depends on what you do. So how do you wash your beard? Most days a good finger scrubbing while you’re in the shower will be fine. You don’t want to strip away the oils in your beard because that will leave your skin dry which will cause problems with itching and beardruff, and your beard will be dry and brittle.

If your beard is moderately dirty co-wash your hair. What’s co-washing you ask. Co-washing is using conditioner to wash your beard instead of soap or shampoo. Conditioners are mild and won’t strip your beard.

If your beard is just a mess after a long day of grimy work, or you’ve just finished having a messy dinner then shampoo your beard. We recommend you find a good beard shampoo or baby shampoo as they are more mild on the hair. Don’t use body soap or hand soap on your beard, as they are very tough on it. Also if you’re going to shampoo your beard use a conditioner after. This will help replenish the natural oils you just stripped out of your beard.

If you’re looking for a good beard washing routing we suggest something like the following:

  • Sunday – Shampoo and condition your beard.
  • Monday – Wash with water
  • Tuesday – Was with water
  • Wednesday – Co-Wash
  • Thursday – Was with water
  • Friday – Co-Wash
  • Saturday – Wash with water.

Beard Oil

Using a quality beard oil is important for your beard, it’s like having a good soil to grow a garden. How’s that you ask. Well think of it this way. A beard just like a garden needs a good place to grow and beard oil helps ensure that your skin is a great place for your beard to grow.

A high quality beard oil has natural oils that will nourish and moisturize your skin. This will help in many ways but most importantly it will help prevent beard itch and beardruff. You can find out more in our article “The importance of beard oils“, and you can purchase some of our high quality beard oils from our Shop.

If you’re wondering how to use beard oil it is very simple. Just place a few drops in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, then run your hands through your beard. Once the oil has been spread through your beard use your fingertips to rub the oil into your skin.

Beard Balm or Butter

Trimming and Styling Your Beard

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