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Year Long Beard (Yeard) – Week 9 Review

Year Long Beard (Yeard) Week 9 Review

Weekly Beard Update

Mrs. Dapper Man’s word of the week is “Lumberjacky”. I guess this week I looked like a lumberjack, I think she’s just making up words at this point.

My last shave was on September 2nd. I just finished my 9th week of not shaving and I’m surprised at how my beard is shaping up. I did not expect the red to stay visible, I figured it would be drowned out by the black. Also I’ve noticed my mustache is getting long enough that I can comb it o the sides. A few more months and I’ll be able to handlebar it.

Overall I’m enjoying my Yeard and everything that goes along with growing a beard. I’ve noticed that I notice beards more now that I have one, and I find people like talking about their beards.


As this is No Shave November The Dapper Man is teaming up with to raise money for cancer research, awareness, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Please join our team and support No Shave November. The idea behind No Shave November is to donate what you would normally spend on shaving for the month to the fight against cancer.

The Dapper Man is also having a contest for our followers. Join us in No Shave November by posting pictures or a YouTube video of you on your No Shave Journey and Mrs. Dapper Man will choose 3 people at the end of the month to give a way a set of The Dapper Man Small Batch Beard Oil & Balm. As with all give away’s there are rules.

  1. Must live in the US
  2. Must follow The Dapper Man on Facebook and/or YouTube
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  4. Post pictures or a video of you on your No Shave Journey

As of now The Dapper Man doesn’t have any entries in the contest so please join the team, follow us on Facebook or Youtube and show us your beard and be entered to win The Dapper Man’s own Beard Oil and Balm.

Thank you for visiting The Dapper Man we hope you have a fantastic day.

Greg from The Dapper Man

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