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Cigar Review – Balmoral Anejo XO

Today I smoke the Balmoral Anejo XO with a friend from Rems Place.

Wrapper: Sun-Grown Brazilian Arapiraca
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Dominican Olor, Nicaragua (Estelí) and Exclusive, Stalk-Cut Brazilian Mata Norte
Flavor Profile: Complex notes of cedar, cacao and peppery spices that finish with a smooth, underlying natural sweetness.
Ratings: 92 from Cigar Journal, 94 from Cigar and Spirits, 90 from Cigar Authority

Construction : The cigar is well constructed. No obvious blemishes on the wrapper, the cap stayed intact, the cigar didn’t fray at all, there was no tunneling, mouse holes, very little canoeing with an even burn. The cigar wasn’t packed to tight, and felt springy when pinched.

Initial Light / First Third:Before the light there was a lot of fruit and a bit of cocoa taste on the dry draw. At the initial light we received lots of cocoa on the finish, some spice on the retrohale, and cedar in the room note. The smoke become smooth once we got past the initial light with tastes of leather and earth with hints of cocoa.

Second Third: Lots of leather and earthiness, not a lot of sweetness, but that’s due to the fact that we were smoking to fast. Smoked slowly like one should the sweetness came back.

Final Third: Still getting leather, earthiness, and cocoa light a black coffee, with spice on the retrohale. Still getting cedar in the room note. Very smooth by not a lot of cream.

Recommendation: I would buy this cigar again. It is a medium to medium full. This cigar isn’t one that I would smoke when I’m golfing for putting around the back yard. But it isn’t a special day cigar either. It fits in the middle ground of being a good smoke that you want to sit and enjoy.

Final Grade: I give this cigar a good A. It tastes good and burns well.

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